SCID Panel of Experts Compendium

Dear All

I have the pleasure of attaching the SCID Panel of Experts Compendium which details the profiles of Panel members, excluding a small number of members who are currently unable to appear in the public version. The Compendium shows a broad array of in-depth knowledge and experience in subjects related to conflict resolution and peacebuilding, including: peacekeeping; stabilisation; transitional justice; children and conflict; arms control; governance and corruption; disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration; and Security Sector Reform. The Compendium lists the SCID activities which the expert is or may be involved with, including: the provision of online guest lectures; contribution to SCID publications; contribution to the SCID blog ( and email discussion list (; participation symposia/conferences; supervision of dissertations. The Compendium also contains contact details should students want to communicate directly with the expert.

Compendium coverThe Compendium is published in advance of the first SCID Symposium, which will be held at Leicester University on 13 March. At the Symposium, select Panel members will be presenting papers on the subject of building security and justice in post-conflict environments. Presentations will be captured in video format and incorporated into course material and uploaded to this Blog. Papers will also be published in the form of a Critical Reader and distributed to students.

Compendium Final (External)

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