SCID Panel of Experts – Online Guest Lecture – Dr David Chuter – Writing Your Essay: Things to Do, Things to Avoid

This is the 11th Online Guest Lecture by members of the SCID Panel of Experts. Dr David Chuter presents a lecture entitled Writing Your Essay: Things to Do, Things to Avoid.


David’s lecture will be enormously useful to all SCID students when planning, writing and reflecting on feedback on their essays. David provides advice and guidance on how to write an essay with a strong structure, containing a persuasive and logical argument, that responds to the expectations of the University, and which is appropriate in its content, tone and style.

Click on the link below to access David’s Lecture (it is large so it will take a while to download). Please submit any questions or comments within the next two weeks for David’s attention and/or discussion by other SCID Panel members, students and staff.

David Chuter Guest Lecture – Essay Writing

2 thoughts on “SCID Panel of Experts – Online Guest Lecture – Dr David Chuter – Writing Your Essay: Things to Do, Things to Avoid

  1. mpmoon

    Thank you very much, Dr Chuter!

    I learned a tremendous amount from this presentation, and now find myself wishing I could go back and rewrite every essay I have ever written.

    While I attended the original (and excellent ) study sessions provided by the SCID team at the onset of my programme, I was busily processing so many other factors and emotions relating to the course that my uptake on essay expectations wasn’t as strong as it should have been. Your presentation has filled in the resultant gap. It shall remain a resource I resort to time and time again.

    Thank you, again.


  2. elclappitan

    Thank you for giving this lecture for us Dr Chuter. It was especially interesting to hear about how essay writing is very much it’s own unique creature with a distinct purpose (ie. not simply a list of points or quotes or trying to sell an idea).

    The points you made about youyourself not doing written planning and frequently reading back sentences to be certain of their relevance to the paragraph (and essay) made me wonder what kind of redrafting process you prefer? Do you edit entirely on the fly on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis or do you recommend multiple redrafts of the complete work?

    Many thanks again for this useful resource!



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