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This page is exclusively for the use of SCID students and, as such, hopefully provides a more informal space for students to share experiences, concerns, questions, comments or reflections. Posts can also be as serious or as light as you wish.

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2 thoughts on “Students Aloud

  1. mpmoon

    Has anybody taken the time to watch ‘Storyville: India’s Daughter’ (either on BBC or via YouTube)?

    It masterfully touches upon elements of security, gender equality, corruption, rule of law, grievance/greed as unfolding in modern day India.

    But, far more importantly, rather than embracing the opportunity to open dialogue for change within its borders, India wants to see the film banned – in India and in other countries.

    Watching the video might very well help send a message on how many people actually do care about the issues they hope to sweep under the proverbial rug.

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