SCID Students Around the World

Further to a request to SCID students for images of accessing distance learning materials/the SCID Apps in unusual places, I have great pleasure in uploading videos from Ishaq Ibrahim (in Côte d’Ivoire) and Sandro Murro (in Columbia), together with photos from Ishaq, Sandro, Amy Reed (in Belize), Osbert Festus (in Spain), Edgars Perijs (in Afghanistan) and Ahmed Ali (in Somalia) – thank you all very much for sending these and allowing me to upload them.

As mentioned before, if any other SCID student, affiliate tutor or Panel of Expert member has an image or video of themselves accessing SCID materials or studying/marking, please do upload or email to me ( Thanks very much again, Sandro, Ishaq, Amy, Osbert, Edgars and Ahmed!

Amy Reed  edgards perijs SCID 2 Ishaq Ibrahim   Osbert Festus

Sandro Murro image

Ahmed Ali - SCID - Somalia

Below is another fantastic picture and an example of excellent working relationships between students and dissertation supervisors, which is a key feature of the SCID Course. Peter Aschenbrenner is currently completing his MSc SCID dissertation. Lenny Gill is his supervisor and is also a member of the SCID Panel of Experts. They have maintained regular contact with each other throughout the dissertation process, while both deployed to conflict-affected environments. By chance they had an opportunity to meet recently while on business in Istanbul, and below is a picture of their face-to-face tutorial.

Lenny and Peter - SCID

Below is another great photo which demonstrates the excellent relationships that often exist between SCID students and members of the SCID Panel of Experts. With kind permission of Iain Blackwood (SCID student March 15 intake) and Conor Foley (member of the SCID Panel of Experts), this is an excellent photo of both of them when they recently met in Kabul, Afghanistan. Coincidentally, they have met a couple of times while they were both working in Afghanistan, and spoke about the SCID Course and SCID-related topics. It is also credit to Conor that Iain decided to choose the SCID MSc course, after talking to Conor about which Master’s course to pursue when they met early last year. It’s a small world and great to hear how often the paths cross of those affiliated to the SCID Course. Thank you very much for sending the photo, Iain, and for advocating on behalf of the SCID Course, Conor.

Iain Blackwood and Conor Foley

The map below shows some of the locations of SCID students. The map can be accessed by SCID students on Blackboard to add their location. This should be useful to many students who may relocate or go on mission during and after the Course, and will be able to contact fellow students and alumni already in that location. The map above also gives a good indication of the global demographic of SCID students and the conflict-related nature of their work; current SCID students are based in 34 countries, many in conflict-affected environments.

SCID Map Dec 2014

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