Networking and Careers

It is hoped that this page can provide a useful forum where career-related questions can be asked and answered, where news about prospective jobs can be posted, and people can upload summary CVs and/or updates on their employment.

I would therefore like to encourage anyone who has specific advice on securing or progressing in a career in the field of international development, particularly in the security and justice sectors, to post it here. Please also feel free to post specific questions or an overview of your experience and what work you are looking for – although please note this Blog is now public and anyone can access it. You might also want to post here if you are moving to a new place with work and would like to see if anyone from this network is already there.

Below are links to some useful websites that advertise jobs in this field (thank you very much to Steven Smith and Ishaq Ibrahim for your suggestions):

Aside from the obvious – securing a relevant Masters degree for certain organisations or positions, trawling websites, perfecting the CV/resume, and getting in touch with former colleagues/students/others – my main advice is to get relevant experience, if you don’t already have it. It is also much easier to secure employment if you are in the field and people can see you (and, ideally, your work). This is why internships and voluntary work are usual good investments (it’s worth keeping in mind that liveable expenses are paid for many such positions). Finding opportunities to network (such as attending conferences and other relevant events) and get your name out (such as publishing papers, or posting to relevant Blogs – such as this one!) are also effective ways of increasing the opportunity to secure employment in this field. Having your own LinkedIn page and a website or Blog, and linking them here, could also be worthwhile, particularly when prospective employers might do a quick search online for you.

Best wishes, Eleanor

3 thoughts on “Networking and Careers

  1. aj214scid

    Hi Eleanor, I have just found this excellent tool for helping myself and fellow students develop our careers. Thank you very much, I know I will find this very useful and all going well if I finish my MSc in February I will be looking for employment outside of what I am currently doing. I don’t currently have a website but I can look at putting one together, if anyone has any advice on that I’d greatly appreciate it, and I must put some work into my linked in page as well.


  2. uolscid Post author

    Thank you very much for your kind comment. I look forward to reading others’ advice on putting together websites. It’s not my field, but I’ve found wordpress very easy to use (and free!) – if you were thinking of raising your profile through a Blog. Please let me know the url or link to the SCID Blog when you do have a website, in case it might help get your website (and equally the SCID Blog) more traffic. Linking to your website through LinkedIn (and tweeting updates) can also raise your profile. Best wishes and good luck – I look forward to hearing how things progress, Eleanor



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