The conflict horizon 1: Untold good news

An interesting blog post by International Alert’s President, Dan Smith, on conflict, peacebuilding and security. It would also be worth adding that the formal end of hostilities does not necessarily result in peace for many people, particularly the more marginalised and vulnerable members of society: beyond addressing the causes of conflict, there is a need – I think – to address the security needs of those who are often sidelined in formal efforts to build peace (without which the prospects of sustainable peace will be limited).

Dan Smith's blog

Peace is the big, under-reported good news story of the 20-plus years since the Cold War ended. There are fewer wars than in the 1980s. There have been more peace agreements, and an increasing proportion of them endure for longer.

Good. Because the next 20 years will make the last 20 seem like a rehearsal for the real thing.

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