2015 SCID Symposium – Researching and Working in Conflict-Affected Environments


On 12 March 2015, the Department of Criminology hosted the second annual Security, Conflict and International Development (SCID) Symposium – Researching and Working in Conflict-Affected Environments.

Presenters included 11 members of the SCID Panel of Experts, including professors, retired senior police chiefs and military officers, government advisers, international human rights and humanitarian law barristers, senior officials in the UN system and other leading international experts in the field of conflict resolution and recovery. A film director and current SCID student, as well as the SCID developer and lecturer, also presented. 

Recordings of each presentation are below with links from the Course platforms (iPad and Blackboard). This will enable those who were unable to attend to watch the presentations and allow all of us to continue the discussions on how best to respond to the challenges of conducting research and working in conflict affected environments and, ultimately, how best to understand and respond to the challenges of conflict and peacebuilding.

Papers from the Symposium will be shortly published in the Annual SCID Reader, which will be provided to all SCID students and uploaded to this Blog. A more detailed overview of the day can be found in a previous post (uploaded on 30 March 2015) and, together with all videos, on the 2015 Symposium page.

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