2015 SCID Symposium – Dr Richard Byrne – Food Security and Conflict: Stabilisation Forces and Agricultural Awareness

PowerPoint presentation: Richard Byrne SCID Symposium presentation 2015

In this presentation, Richard Byrne describes how food security issues in the field can be assessed as part of a security strategy. In this context, he considers the relationship between food security and conflict, before explaining the importance of military actors being aware of this relationship if stabilisation efforts are to be successful. This presentation then details ways in which to build this awareness and gather and share the requisite data.

Dr Richard Byrne has over 15 years’ experience of agricultural and rural development work in various global environments. He currently focusses on stabilisation and food defence issues, and his most recent work has involved developing licit livelihood strategies within a counter-narcotic environment. He also has recent active military experience within a civil-military operations environment and a background in operating in hostile and challenging environments. His current research is centred on post-conflict agricultural development as well as the development of agricultural extension and development strategies and programmes within counter-insurgency (COIN) strategies.

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