SCID Students around the World

Further to a recent request to SCID students for images of accessing distance learning materials/the SCID Apps in unusual places, I have great pleasure in uploading a video that Ishaq Ibrahim very kindly sent to us last year, together with photos from Ishaq (in Côte d’Ivoire), Amy Reed (in Belize), Osbert Festus (in Spain) and Edgars Perijs (in Afghanistan) – thank you all very much for sending these and allowing me to upload them.

Amy Reed

Ishaq IbrahimOsbert Festus

edgards perijs SCID 2As mentioned before, if any other SCID student, affiliate tutor or Panel of Expert member has an image or video of themselves accessing SCID materials or studying/marking, please do upload or email to me ( Thanks very much again, Ishaq, Amy, Osbert and Edgars!

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