SCID Alumni

The Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester is establishing an Alumni Mentoring Scheme. The Scheme is designed to provide second and/or final year students with one-to-one mentoring in their chosen career from former University of Leicester students. The scheme is intended to give students the opportunity to gain early career insights by learning from someone already working in their desired field. Should any SCID student be interested in being a Mentor, either now or at any stage after graduation, please contact Jessica Waelchli (

The Department of Criminology is also in the process of developing new marketing brochures for its courses. We would be very grateful if any current or former SCID student, or any member of the Panel of Experts, wanted to share a few words about the SCID Course that could be included in the brochure. Marketing have specifically asked for comments from alumni, which would be very welcome. Should you have any comments at any stage, please either post them here or email me, Eleanor Gordon (

Finally, the university’s distance learning team are looking for distance learning students who would be willing to send a high resolution photo of the most unusual place where they have accessed their course material or engaged with their studies (with a few words). The photos will be used in promotion material, the aim of which is to show the diverse and flexible nature of distance learning. Clearly SCID students are likely to be among those in the most challenging and remote environments, so if you are happy to send a photo to me ( it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you and best wishes, Eleanor


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