2014 SCID Symposium – Maureen Poole – Police Reform in Post-Conflict Environments

In this presentation, Maureen Poole, provides an overview of the way in which she has approached and engaged with Police Reform in conflict-affected environments and related activities in the field of international development. This approach is informed by an extensive career in the UK Police as well as lessons learnt from a subsequent career in international development. She highlights the many lessons she drew from an extensive police career in the UK and how she applied these lessons to her work in international development and police reform in countries emerging from conflict. One lesson in particular that remained with her is the mantra ‘legislation, priority and budget’, which has guided much of her work, at least in the planning stages. This mantra serves as an effective reminder of the need to ascertain the nature of the factors which constrain and guide development work.

Maureen Poole has 34 years’ policing experience, retiring in December 2000 to commence a second career within international development focusing on Gender, Policy and Investigations within a Police Reform environment. With extensive experience in West Africa, SE Europe and the Middle East, Maureen has expertise in different policing styles, different national and traditional law systems, international criminal law, and conflict-related sexual violence.

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