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Quantitative Analysis in Human Rights Reporting

The following link provides an excellent resource for anyone working through Module Three or seeking a refresher course on Quantitative Analysis in relation to Human Rights reporting.

The presentation is led by Patrick Ball, Executive Director of the Human Rights Data Analysis Group.  The program becomes increasingly engaging as it marches through various issues and opportunities to advance Quantitative Analysis as an accurate and viable tool in relation to Human Rights activities (and therefore Security, Conflict, and International Development projects and policy formation).

The link will provide an audio version as well as a transcript version  – both of which can be downloaded for permanent reference.

The entire presentation is 1:46:17 long, but the first 30 minutes should suffice for assisting with Module Three understanding. The remaining minutes will serve to reinforce academic expectations and enhance understanding of the emerging standards within the field of Human Rights reporting.

Digital Echoes: Understanding Patterns of Mass Violence with Data and Statistics