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Does it ring any bells?

Many have suggested whats going in Syria is part of the new cold war between Russia on one side and the US on another (along with the EU) despite the instabilities over the Ukrainian matter and the breaking of the nuclear agreement by russia.. i just found whats going on very similar to what have actually happened in Nicaragua during the 1980’s.Where a group of revolutionary communists, funded and motivated by the soveit union, took over the Somoza regime.

As a result, the US government along with the CIA were not satisfied with communism reaching their back yard, they have spent millions of dollars worth of weapons in a” drug vs weapons trade” , in order to strengthen the capabilities of a terrorist group known as the Contras, to fight the FSLN..

What am trying to point out at here, as the Syrian conflict has marked its 5th year, and the majority still believe that it is a sectarian war based between sunnis and shiaa.

I actually believe, that the syrian conflict is just another result of the never ending dispute over power in the region and the world. Lastly, and as we can see now, the Russians are fighting along and funding al assad regime, while the Americans along with the EU turned the focus on whats called “The Syrian Free Army”..

Is it just a showoff game? Strategic and foreign political  interests? Business” oil and gas pipelines deals”?