It is time for the International Community to involve itself in American politics

This video gives 176 fact-based reasons why Donald Trump is not suitable for the Presidency of the United States.

Olberman presents 17 minutes of Trump’s transgressions and leaves little doubt as to why Trump should be discounted from consideration.

Accordingly, I share this video as a way to ask the International Community  to both speak up and out against the potential horror of a mentally unfit Commander in Chief in charge of the strongest military the world has ever seen, a highly penetrative intelligence service spanning the globe, and direct leverage over highly militarized police forces.

The potential for latent threat to morph into existential threat is all too real; the polls are tightening and Trump’s qualified opponent may not prevail.

Politely leaving Americans to make their own decisions might be respectful, and indeed the political norm, but in this instance it is also dangerous to world stability.

Additionally,  I would assert that  Americans require feedback from outside their own border.  I believe this as American news agencies are, by and large held in the hands of right wing interests. Neutral, fact-based reporting is rare.  Discussions are rare. And arguments are all too common.

If anyone deems it politically inconvenient to meddle in America’s affairs I can only ask you this – how much opportunity for effective diplomacy and honoured partnership will you have if Trump prevails? If you say any, I am willing to bet you didn’t watch the video.

Peace for now,


Why Trump Shouldn’t be President  (<<<CLICK HERE)



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