SCID Panel of Experts – Online Guest Lecture – Dr David Chuter – The Rule of Law: What’s it Good For?

This is the 9th Online Guest Lecture by members of the SCID Panel of Experts. Dr David Chuter presents a lecture entitled The Rule of Law: What’s it Good For?

DC Guest Lecture June 2015The complicated and frequently contradictory discourse surrounding what is often called the “Rule of Law” tends to conceal an issue of great political importance: the relationship between the state and the people, and how the state chooses to enforce (or not) the peoples’ norms and standards. This Lecture focuses on the rather different norms and traditions which are uneasily combined in the concept of the “Rule of Law”, and the practical difficulties involved in trying to apply that concept, in Western societies as much as elsewhere.

This Lecture will be an essential resource for SCID students in its discussion of the rule of law, how it is variously defined and understood and, essentially, the relationship between the state and its citizens. Moreover, its importance lies in encouraging a critical reflection upon the amorphous and often ambiguous terms frequently used with the field of post-conflict intervention (rule of law, governance, development and so on).

Click on the link below to access David’s Lecture (it is large so it will take a while to download). Please submit any questions or comments within the next two weeks for David’s attention and/or discussion by other SCID Panel members, students and staff.

David Chuter Guest Lecture RoL June 2015

1 thought on “SCID Panel of Experts – Online Guest Lecture – Dr David Chuter – The Rule of Law: What’s it Good For?

  1. Ahmad Mistarihi

    Thanks for Dr David for the wide knowledge lecture and he brought a controversial argument about Role of Law (RoL). The historic examples and information are great. I was expecting him to bring more evidence about the necessity of RoL and best approach\es to develop such laws, either gradually or adopt a certain pattern to establish the state of law, mainly for those states emerging from war, he went further to argue that why is the need for the RoL?, there is no evidence to be required for development. The controversial discussion is rich of ideas, however this ideas could generate a discussion in stabilized states, where the RoL is exist and required further enhancement, like to make it simple to avoid violation by the majority of the people, i.e. the technology and society developments are speedily changing, so the norms and customs are changing, the electronic usage should be regulated and to specify “what is a violation”, so creating a cyber-crimes, while maintaining the freedom and the human rights, which is inviolable however should be regulated in a form not to exceed to other jurisdiction of people, society, minorities or individual..

    Thank for the wealth of information and different angles of discussion on RoL.

    Best Regards



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