SCID Panel of Experts Online Guest Lecture – Phil Wilkinson OBE – Peace Support Operations and the Use of Force: A Doctrinal Perspective

This is the fourth Online Guest Lecture by members of the SCID Panel of Experts. Phil Wilkinson OBE presents a lecture entitled ‘Peace Support Operations and the Use of Force: A Doctrinal Perspective’.

Phil Lecture ImageThe lecture engages with the military doctrinal and academic debate over the latest 25 years on peacekeeping, peace support operations (PSO) and the use of force, specifically addressing issues concerning the relationship between the use of force and the peacekeeping principles of consent and impartiality; the political consequences for achievement of the mission of the use of force or non use of force; issues of reality, practicality and the professionalism of the peacekeeping forces, specifically concerning whether those deployed are able to use force judiciously; and the responsibility to protect (R2P) people from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing. The lecture then compares and contrasts PSO doctrine with counter insurgency (COIN) doctrine. The lecture draws upon Phil’s extensive practical experience, particularly being largely responsible for drawing up the PSO doctrine for the UK, NATO and the UK.

Click on the link below to access Phil’s Lecture (it is large so it will take a while to download). Please submit any questions or comments within the next two weeks for Phil’s attention and/or discussion by other SCID Panel members, students and staff.

PSO and UoF1 Phil Wilkinson – presentation

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