SCID Panel of Experts Online Guest Lecture – Dr Tony Welch OBE – Introduction to SSR, Human Security and UNSCR 1325

This is the third Online Guest Lecture by members of the SCID Panel of Experts. Dr Tony Welch OBE presents a lecture entitled ‘An Introduction to SSR, Human Security Welch Guest Lectureand UNSCR 1325′.

The lecture begins by considering the concept and evolution of Security Sector Reform (SSR). This is followed by reflection upon the recent broadening and deepening of the concept of security, with the shift in focus from state security to human security, which has informed and accompanied the development of SSR. The increasing focus on human security entails recognition that the security of individuals – rather than just the state – needs to be attended to. From this perspective, the lecture considers the role of women in SSR, particularly in the context of groundbreaking UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and subsequent resolutions, which promote gender equality, gender mainstreaming, and the protection and promotion of the rights of women and girls. Implications for SSR include engaging women at decision-making levels in SSR programmes and security sector institutions, addressing the gender implications of security policies and practices, and attending to the specific security and justice needs of women, men and children. Tony concludes his outstanding lecture by stating:

  • A balance between security institution building and civil society development is necessary for creating effective interaction and cooperation between them.
  • Effective national security cannot be developed without the ability of women in civil society to participate in the process. This must include the involvement of women at all levels.
  • It is only through the involvement of Women’s Groups and women at high level in International and Inter Governmental Organisations, working alongside their male colleagues, will be possible to implement the concept of civil security and an integrated and holistic security sector.

Click on the link below to access Tony’s Lecture (it is large so it will take a while to download). Please submit any questions or comments within the next two weeks for Tony’s attention and/or discussion by other SCID Panel members, students and staff.

Tony Welch Online Guest Lecture – presentation

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